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  1. Dogs must be vaccinated, in good health and on flea and tick meds.

  2. For services that are social in nature (day care, group walks, boarding, etc), dogs must be socialized, enjoy the company of other dogs, and be spayed and neutered if over 6 months of age (required by law unless you have an Unaltered Permit). If you have just adopted, care can begin if neuter/spay is scheduled in near future. For boarding, day care or board-and-train services, dogs must be house trained for regular pricing. 

  3. For elderly dogs or puppies under 6 months (ie may have accidents) a $20/day fee is added when boarding.

  4. Dogs should be licensed and registered with the county.

  5. Please be transparent about any and all behaviors, especially including those that may put other dogs or people in danger.

Cancellations & Late Booking:

Please refer to Services & Pricing Page for details regarding each service.

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