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All Dogs recently rescued from a local animal shelter earns              one FREE 20 minute phone consultation


Puppy & Dog Training

Learn how to think "DOG" and better understand their behaviors, how to modify problem behaviors, and teach new skills. This series will give you the up-n-up on positive-reinforcement techniques, with practice during sessions and at home, incorporating them into daily life. 

Training Session In Your Home

BASIC - as you go

$155 a session (75-100min)

*Add a written, personalized and detailed training plan for $50



  • 3 sessions

  • a written personalized and detailed training plan

  • multiple follow ups and unlimited phone/text/email support

  • 1 Social Play Date (2-3 hours)

  • $530 (a savings of $100)



  • 6 sessions in your home (and other locations to support training process) 

  • 1 Social Play Date (2-3 hours)

  • personalized and detailed training plan

  • follow ups between sessions

  • unlimited phone/text/email support and direction between sessions to keep your efforts streamlined

  • $(a savings of $200)



  • 6 sessions in your home (and other locations to support training process)

  • 3 Day Care Adventures 

  • written training plan personalized for you and your family

  • multiple follow ups 

  • Get unlimited support via email, text and phone for 6 months.

  • No late booking fees for other services

  • No cancellation fees

  • $1205 (Savings: $ too much to count!)


Most sessions last about an 60 - 90 min. If they last over 90 min, its $140/hr billed in increments of $35 per 15 min.

*Additional fee for locations with drives exceeding 10 minutes from central Asheville.


One on One Training with Trainer

On walks, on adventures, in the trainers home or yours, Zoe offers one-on-one training practice/drills with your dog.

$45 per 20 min



Less than 24 hours - $10



With less than 48 hours - $50

Adventures & Day Care

        aka "Adventure Care"

  • Half Day  $75 per 2-3 hours

  • Full Day $95 per 4-6 hours

  • Long Day $115 per 7-9 hours

  • +$20 for Saturdays & Sundays 

Puppies under 5 months:usually start with the half day and can build to longer days as strength and skill and bonding with the group develop.


This is a sweet deal! Your pup will get picked up to go on an off-leash adventure with other buddies at beautiful fenced in areas around Asheville --  getting fresh air, companionship, and recall training reinforcement. They will also get opportunities to swim, play in dog parks and hike with the group. This is for those who want their dogs to get some social time, be in nature and get completely satiated. Your dog will come home happy, with some social time and training under their belts, and tired. 

Limited to those who want weekly adventures and become regulars -- because repeated time together enables the new dog of the pack to build friendships and trust over time.

  • Usually picked up between 9am and 12pm and, may shift with weather.

  • Includes FREE Pick Up & Drop Off (if within a 10 minute drive from central Asheville; additional for longer drives) 

Private Adventure Care & Hikes

  • $95 / ~90min; includes free pick up and drop off in Asheville area

  • Solo Training Walks (30-60min) in their neighborhood for Dogs with Aggression/Leash Reactivity: $75-$165 (depending on location).

Hourly Companionship

For those that suffer from isolation distress or need a companion on a one on one basis in the owner's home.

$30 for first hour, $25 for each additional hour.


Less than 48 hours - $10


If canceled 2 days prior  - 0%

If canceled the day before - 50%

If canceled the day of - $100%




Doggie Day Care / Social Play Dates & Group Hikes



In Trainer's Home

Boarding is considered full time care that includes partaking in daily adventure care activities and we provide daily updates for you!

~  $145 per 24 hours (discounted rate for regular day care and VIP training clients). $165 on weekends.

$195 per 24 hours for those who want to book one-off boarding stays (non-local dogs or those that who are not trained by Upward, or partake in routine social day care services). 

Dogs must be socialized, enjoy the company of other dogs, vaccinated, aren't destructive and don't suffer from separation anxiety. 

Intact (unspayed or unneutered) dogs over 6 months of age will be considered on a case by case basis. To provide accommodations is an extra $30 per 24 hours.

Dogs with true separation anxiety, or for those who have special needs or other serious but non-social issues that require special accommodation, the rate is $225 per 24 hours. They will be with their care provider 24 hours a day and be based in the trainer's home. Includes free pick up and drop off. 

If you want to add training services and practice to their stay, its an added $50 per session.


In Dog's Home

    $195+** per Overnight

  • Approx 7pm - 9am

  • Includes walks, one-on-one attention, mealtimes, adventure and TLC. And daily updates for you!

  • Please inquire for an estimate**

  • Limited availability

Supplemental services:


  • Day care or midday dog walks so they are taken care of around the clock.     

      *Additional for Holidays


Less than 24 hours - $10


14 days prior - no charge

3-13 days prior - 50%

1-2 days prior - 100%

Pet Sitting 

for Cats & Other Pets

When your dog is boarding with us, we can still visit your home to care for your other animals if you like =)

Half Hour Visits    $30

Hour Visits            $45

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