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Private Dog Training Sessions

(in your home) designed to build trust and cooperation between you and your dog. Learn how to read your dog's body language and tune into how he learns, how he feels and thinks. By using positive reinforcement methods, I show you how to earn your dog's focus, cultivate his motivations and calm his emotions. Learning how to be a calm and fair leader is a loving commitment to your dog -- and is the key to a happier, relaxed, and engaged pup who will forever thank you.


We go over all the basics!

  • Learn about your dog's physical and mental development

  • How to prepare them for a lifetime of new experiences without unneeded stress and fear, which directly prevents many behavioral issues down the road

  • House breaking

  • Crate training 

  • Appropriate chewing

  • Jumping

  • Leash Walking

  • Eye contact

  • Sit, Stay, Leave it,

  • Come, Down, Off

Puppy, Adult & Rescue Dog Training

If your dog missed some puppy classes when he was young, don't worry -- even an old dog CAN learn new tricks.  She may need to start by taking baby steps, but we can make progress -- together.


Nothing makes me happier than helping clients triumph over hardship. Shelter dogs are exposed to high amounts of stress from being in the shelter and from their often unknown past experiences leading to problem behaviors. I have witnessed emotionally shut down and fearful dogs come around with patience, training and loving care.  Let's work together to condition your dog to trust the world again, step by step.

Off-Leash Group Hikes offered several days a week in most weather conditions.  Each adventure is led by Zoe who practices ongoing reinforcement of recall training while exploring.


We go to several secret spots around the Asheville, Blue Ridge, and Marshall areas, on trails, by rivers and lakes - well suited for any dog who loves to run, swim and explore in a pack!


Adventures last approximately 3 hours and includes free pick up and drop off. Adventure timing is variable, dependent on weather, each dog's and clients' needs as well as traffic, etc.

Videos and photos are sent from each adventure, full of fun and detail so you can see exactly what your pup is up to!

Dog Day Care

Playing Catch


A pup's day out with their dog trainer and their best buddies!  I come to pick your pup up in the late morning/midday and we go adventure on a on a play date! These experiences directly helps with lowering anxiety and increasing energy output by offering positive socialization and exercise opportunities.  Dogs get to be dogs with their friends out and about in the world =)


Kennels can be loud and stressful for many dogs. In home, cageless, kennel free dog care is where its at! Here are some great alternatives to having to board your dog in a kennel.


We offer a personalized approach:  A caregiver comes to your home while you are away or your dog can stay in my home. Either way, I dedicate my time to be with your dog for the duration working on any training plan established in private dog training sessions. They have the option to participate in the day care / adventures during the middays as well.

Walking the Dog


The Upward Dog has a referral dog walkers for you if you are in need of midday walking or pet sitting visits.

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